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Maltese Castel Hotel
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МОЛ "STRAND" - Burgas


Company's prosperity is due to a wide range of provided services. 
Design of electrical istallations and equipment /complete engineering/:
  1. Feasibility study.
  2. Conceptual solutions and options development.
  3. Analyses of Legal and techno-economic aspects of project and execution.
  4. Working designs.
  5. Reconstructions.
  6. Bills of quantities and specifications.
  7. Project estimate documentation.
  8. Executive documentation.
  9. Procedures as per the Law of territorial structure till acquiring a construction permit.


Technical consultation:
  1. Electrification of land properties, buildings, and facilities throughout the entire investment process.
  2. Contacts with approving authorities.
  3. Coordination of the investor's best option with the electric-power distribution company.
  4. Tender documentation.
  5. Consultations upon selecting the construction supervisior.
  6. Consultations upon selecting the contractor.